Overview: Edit

Welcome to this wiki, dedicating to the game Bugs Bunny & Taz: Time Busters, and especially speedrunning related stuff. Feel free to contribute if you wish to add anything that you think useful. This wiki focuses on the PC version of the game, as it is the best for speedrunning. If you have the game on a different platform, some things described here may not apply.

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Categories: Edit

The game currently has three categories: Any%, All Boss Tokens, and 100%.

Any% and All Boss Tokens are the more popular categories, while 100% only contains only few times.

A fourth category, Any% no OoB, has be discussed and some work has been putted to it. However, nobody has submitted any time yet.

Movements and tricks: Edit

This game features a pretty rich gameplay, and allow for a lot of stuff. Some are intended, some are just glitches. They are gathered in four categories:

  • Basic movements: Contains the basics movements intended by the game.
  • Advanced movements/tricks: Contains more advanced stuff, mostly not intended by the developpers.
  • Unique tricks: These tricks are actually possible in only one place, because of the level design.
  • Learnable abilities: Tricks you learn when talking to Tweety in some places.

Levels of the game: Edit

This game contains five diferents worlds, including the tutorial world, which serves to link each world:

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